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Cy"press (s?"pr?s), n.; pl. Cypresses (-&unr_;z). [OE. cipres, cipresse, OF. cipres, F. cypr&unr_;s, L. cupressus, cyparissus (cf. the usual Lat. form cupressus), fr. Gr. &unr_;&unr_;&unr_;&unr_;, perh. of Semitic origin; cf. Heb. g&unr_;pher, Gen. vi. 14.] (Bot) A coniferous tree of the genus Cupressus. The species are mostly evergreen, and have wood remarkable for its durability.
[1913 Webster]

&hand_; Among the trees called cypress are the common Oriental cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, the evergreen American cypress, Cupressus thyoides (now called Chamaecyparis sphaeroidea), and the deciduous American cypress, Taxodium distichum. As having anciently been used at funerals, and to adorn tombs, the Oriental species is an emblem of mourning and sadness.
[1913 Webster]

Cypress vine (Bot.), a climbing plant with red or white flowers (Ipotœa Quamoclit, formerly Quamoclit vulgaris).
[1913 Webster]