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Chose (?), n.; pl. Choses (#). [F., fr. L. causa cause, reason. See Cause.] (Law) A thing; personal property.
[1913 Webster]

Chose in action, a thing of which one has not possession or actual enjoyment, but only a right to it, or a right to demand it by action at law, and which does not exist at the time in specie; a personal right to a thing not reduced to possession, but recoverable by suit at law; as a right to recover money due on a contract, or damages for a tort, which can not be enforced against a reluctant party without suit. -- Chose in possession, a thing in possession, as distinguished from a thing in action. -- Chose local, a thing annexed to a place, as a mill. -- Chose transitory, a thing which is movable. Cowell. Blount.
[1913 Webster]


Chose (?), imp. & p. p. of Choose.
[1913 Webster]