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Di*vis"i*ble (?), a. [L. divisibilis, fr. dividere: cf. F. divisible. See Divide.] Capable of being divided or separated.
[1913 Webster]

Extended substance . . . is divisible into parts. Sir W. Hamilton.
[1913 Webster]

Divisible contract (Law), a contract containing agreements one of which can be separated from the other. -- Divisible offense (Law), an offense containing a lesser offense in one of a greater grade, so that on the latter there can be an acquittal, while on the former there can be a conviction.

-- Di*vis"i*ble*ness, n. -- Di*vis"i*bly, adv.
[1913 Webster]


Di*vis"i*ble, n. A divisible substance. Glanvill.
[1913 Webster]